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Austin Circuit Design, Inc.

Welcome to Austin Electronic Design & Development!

If you are interested in designing and developing a new electronics based product, or need electrical engineering help, you have come to the right place!  This is a brand new website and we are excited about sharing who we are and what we do.  So spend a few minutes and learn what Austin Electronic Design & Development (AEDD) has to offer and why we are the right choice for your product development needs.

AEDD is a full-service electronics product design firm.  In 20 years of developing products, we have learned a lot about how to be a valuable part of your product design team.  We can augment an existing engineering team, take up some slack, or be your entire product development arm.

At AEDD, we take a different approach to design outsourcing than many other firms.  Our guiding principle is one of partnership - working together with you and your company to develop the product you need to move you and your company to where you want to go.  At AEDD and we take a great deal of pride and personal fulfillment in each and every product we work on.  And we are all entrepreneurs at heart.  We believe that making money is never the sole objective of developing a product, but the bottom line is a very important part of the equation.  We know that your financial goals are just as significant as the technical aspects of your product.

We are passionate about electronic product design.  We never tire of seeing a new product come to life, and joy for us comes in seeing you and your product succeed.  AEDD will work hard for you, delivering your product with the quality, speed, accuracy, and commitment to satisfaction that your product deserves.

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